CHRONIC DISEASE  5th Sept 2017

My sister loves your product MyPlankton better than anything she has tried… it has has helped her so much and she was sent home to basically die now she is not bleeding internally she does not have any fluid inside of her abdomen she’s eating where she couldn’t even eat before for almost over a year she hardly could eat a few teaspoons at a time because they took her stomach out. And she’s got energy plus she’s walking it’s amazing what it’s happened with her I fully believe it’s your phytoplankton and I appreciate everything

We went to the doctor today and he had absolutely no explanation about her not retaining fluid in her abdomen anymore except that there could possibly be less cancer cells or there could be scar tissue in there causing there to be no room for fluid to retain in her abdomen.

Her blood pressure has gone from literally 60 over 40 up to 130 over 70 in two weeks and she’s gained 5 pounds she looks completely different she was gray in the face before now she is flesh-colored she is walking a quarter of a mile every other day or so, she’s cleaning house she’s eating way more than she’s eaten in a year and a half

I’ve been taking it with her and I’ve been getting better


I have had a pretty healthy life and had heard about menopause and often shrugged it off thinking not too much about it until this year, I turned 50 and all of a sudden things started to change. For weeks, months I experienced symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, depression, irritability and even loss of concentration I was so afraid I was experiencing the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease! So I did a lot of reading and found a recent study that confirmed that these symptoms around the time of the change many women struggle with and especially memory and other brain skills. The study said that Fluctuating levels of female hormones are the likely cause of the problem, which affects women most badly during the first year of the menopause. After more research I found that Marine Phytoplankton is a highly bio-available ‘SUPERFOOD FOR THE BRAIN’, immediately digested and absorbed, where its amazing nutrient content is readily available with all the crucial amino and essential fatty acids passing through the blood-brain barrier nourishing the brain directly. I found that Marine phytoplankton can also help with all the other symptoms including the night sweats, moodiness and prevent and treat depression! Well all I can say is this, my life changed for the better when I started taking Marine Phytoplankton. I sleep better, I jump out of bed of a morning, my moods are better, hardly any night sweats and most of all my brain fogginess has lifted…I find it easier to recall things and I know this little beauty has got me taking on the world again. If you are suffering from Menopause you must take MyPlanknton Marine Phytoplankton blend!

Lidia L Qld, Australia


My wife has been on disability for 14 years. We tried many things to help her but had no luck until we came across a booth at a health expo and were offered a sample of the product. My wife and I each tried a shot of the product. Later in the day she noticed that she did not have the anxiety and stress that she normally gets when she is in a crowd of people. We stopped back at the booth and bought a bottle of the product. The next day she was able to get out of bed at 7AM. Now she is up and functioning every morning for the first time in 14 years. She has also been able to take care of her father who just got out of a nursing home. Four months ago this would have been impossible.
She has been able to get her GED and once again enjoy life. I attribute it all to the dietary changes and the product. I highly recommend the product to all my friends and clients.
Tim Ridges

I have had anxiety for several years. Medication was the only thing that held in “in check”. A coworker gave me a bottle and I have never experience such a calm and relaxing state of being. I instantly felt more emotional stable and slept like never before. Right away, set myself up on a monthly order of the product. I went on holidays to Paris and forgot my medication. I never had one anxiety attack during the trip and felt great. Usually, traveling makes me nervous and I find it quite stressful. My doctor took me off my medication because it served as no purpose (he said). The product has given me life!
Jeff G.


In June I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I was introduced to the product at about the same time so I started taking three capfuls per day. A week later blood tests confirmed that I had the fastest growing cancer, with a 10 out of 10 for bad rating. I was sent for a physical test that confirmed the cancer was outside the prostate; that was not a good sign. I continued taking the product at triple doses and finally last Friday we had the scan results. We were very worried, but the doctor said that the cancer had not gone any further and that it was confined. I have felt very well since starting the product and now look forward to even better results over the coming weeks.

My son, a computer programmer, who writes programs for huge companies, was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue in December of 2004. His condition was so bad that he could not even put a sentence together. He would repeat himself because he could not remember what he had said 5 minutes earlier. He forgot all his computer languages. He could not work and was on Disability Insurance. He could not walk up one flight of stairs in his house. He had to pull himself up by the banister, and could not breathe by the time he reached the top. He could not drive. He was sleeping 18 hours a night, and when he was “awake”, he fell asleep on the couch. He was rarely without a cold — often having had to take to his bed.
The doctors sent him for every test in the book, and at the end told him he had Chronic Fatigue and to “rest” How much more could he rest? When the product became available, he started taking it immediately. The product is what turned him around. It has taken a while, because all his systems had shut down, but he is now able to work. His memory has returned. He hasn’t had a cold since taking the product.. He has been able to take his two young daughters (7 and 9) tubing in the snow up the mountain for as long as 4 hours at a time. Needless to say, he will not be without the product. for one day!
Una F.

I just wanted to share an unexpected success story… I have had a ganglion cyst (tangled up nerves, as I understand the condition – resulting in a visibly large and sometimes painful lump in my wrist) for over 2 years. Typically, the only way to “treat” this condition is to have it surgically removed, which can result in severe complications (eg: loss of hand function). I have only been taking the
product and doing the liver cleanse for about 2 & 1/2 months, and yesterday I noticed that my wrist looked different. It took me a minute to realize what was so different, but when I did, I was AMAZED – the cyst is literally HALF the size that it used to be! Everyday I am excited to discover what other health “miracles” these wonderful products will help my body achieve!
Kim W.


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