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About Us

Marine Phytoplankton Australia believes in supplying the best products available to our consumers, based on research and science, not marketing hype, we are confident that such authenticity can improve not just one person’s quality of life but also the quality of the world.

“Our mission is to improve the health of society by providing healthy products and functional ingredients. For this, we generate high value-added products derived from microalgae, committed to sustainable development and economic viability and in doing so supporting selected community projects or causes by sharing in our success”

Customer satisfaction comes first. We want to create raving fans – not just loyal customers. So we strive to deliver beyond expectation, whether that lies in the quality of our products or the reliability of our information. MyPlankton Australia business model relies on more than mere profits. We see that approach as a conflict of interest for customers that bring only short-term gains. Our goal is to create long-term relationships with our customers.

We endorse our marine phytoplankton products. Otherwise, we will not sell it. It’s that simple. Our manufacturing company and product development team research and select only the purest, safest and effective ingredients and health supplements.

MyPlankton Australia 
Over the past 10 years MyPlankton Australia has been a distributor of marine phytoplankton/ microalgae products manufactured by other companies. Due to continuous supply problems, high shipping costs, constant ingredient and manufacturing changes which proved to be a behaviour that compromised integrity, quality and customer service, MyPlankton Australia researched and created our own Australia made brand where we are in control.

With vast experience in the fields of product research, brand marketing, customer service and relationship building. ‘MyPlankton Australia’ created Marine Phytoplankton Australia – an online store with a commitment to provide high quality Marine Phytoplankton products and work with and refer to some of the most well respected and knowledgeable naturopaths, healers and medical professionals in today’s integrated health society.

Marine Phytoplankton is a Miracle Food. We didn’t make that up, that’s what our customers are saying…

Our business plan over the next few years is to create and supply products with the belief in the importance of prevention over cure. medicine_herbs-in-pestleWe have set the bar at the highest level to supply what we believe is our best.

“A healthy quality of life is a basic human right and it should be made available for every person regardless of economic status. Individual income should not be a deciding factor to the quality of your health. The company’s vision is for people to ultimately decide for themselves about their health and well-being instead of decisions being handed down to them impersonally from profit-driven individual and organisations. We care for our customers and our community.”

Cindy Freeman – founder MyPlankton Australia

For information about Phytoplankton, or anything you have seen on this site please contact us :

Email us: info@marine-phytoplankton.com.au