Phytoplankton Facts

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Phytoplankton Facts

Phytoplankton Facts

Marine phytoplankton are one-cell plants that are too small to be seen individually without the aid of a microscope. These amazing plants contain more than 50 nutrients vital for a healthy body. Some of these nutrients are:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • B-complex
  • Antioxidants (glutathione)
  • Minerals (calcium, cobalt, boron and copper)
  • Enzymes
  • Co-enzymes

Often called superfood, they produce oxygen efficiently, and it absorbs into human cells quickly when prepared correctly.

Incredible Phytoplankton Facts

Microscopic marine phytoplankton plants live in the surface layer of lakes, oceans or other water because they get energy through photosynthesis and need the light available in that area. They have excellent photosynthetic efficiency and are about three times more effective than other plants in using light. They convert water and light energy into powerful nutrients and produce about 90 percent of the earth’s supply of oxygen. Marine phytoplankton absorbs most of the carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere, which helps to keep the ecosystem balanced and the planet healthy.

Marine phytoplankton contain 400 times more energy than any other known plant. According to an article in the Yale University Journal of Marine Research, the earth’s phytoplankton store 63 billion kilowatts of power. Therefore, marine phytoplankton are a significant bio-energy resource as well as an important source of nutrition.

Base of the Food Chain

The earth’s longest living and largest fish and animals eat phytoplankton, and there are about 300 known species of the plant. Phytoplankton is at the base of the marine food chain, so nearly every living creature in the ocean relies directly or indirectly on this remarkable source of nutrition for its survival.

Amazing Health Benefits

Marine phytoplankton are possibly the earth’s most nutrient dense food and provide many health benefits for humans as well as for animals and fish. Due to the cellular structure’s primitive character, almost all of the marine phytoplankton is nutritious with hardly any indigestible structures. These tiny micro-algae are some of the world’s most productive organisms. Because they are microscopic, the body’s cells can absorb them immediately and receive all of their valuable nutrients at the same time for maximum effectiveness. Marine phytoplankton in the right preparation become a perfect complete food full of superior quality essential nutrients that supply the body with nourishment from the inside out. Marine phytoplankton provide valuable nutrients essential for the production of healthy new cells along with nerochemicals to benefit the brain. Learn more about the benefits of marine phytoplankton.

Positive Signs
Phytoplankton pH is alkaline, and humans need alkaline foods to balance their pH because many diseases grow in an acid environment. Although there is no scientific proof at this time, many people report positive results from consuming phytoplankton regularly.

Marine phytoplankton in some reported cases has helped with diabetes primarily because it naturally assists to reduces sugar in the bloodstream, and its antioxidants reduce the body’s resistance to the insulin it produces.

A recent study at the University of Utah’s Department of Health Promotion and Education showed significant physical and emotional benefits for people consuming marine phytoplankton.

Quality Nutrition
Nutritional products derived from organisms at the base of the food chain provide higher quality nutrition and more energy, and more of that energy and those nutrients transfer to you when you consume foods from the foundation of the food web. Adding high quality marine phytoplankton to your diet can provide a multitude of health benefits for you. Learn why you should use marine phytoplankton for optimal health and well being. Order Marine phytoplankton today so you too can start taking advantage of these amazing benefits.