Henry and the Blue Bone Book 1 – Forever Home

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Henry and the Blue Bone   Book 1 – Forever Home


Hardcopy $29.95

‘In an animal shelter, Henry, a sad scruffy little dog, patiently awaits a
new life.
Finally adopted by kind-hearted people, he discovers a magical secret
door in their garden. What will await him there?
A heart-warming tale of love, hope and courage unfolds as Henry’s very
ordinary world turns extraordinary!’


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About the Author

Cindy M. Freeman, owner and manager of MyPlankton, Australia, has always had a profound love for storytelling and writing since her school days.

From daydreaming as a child of magical realms to writing tales in school, her passion has grown over the years.

Throughout those years, she has written many short stories and crafted poetry, although these pieces remained unpublished private treasures held close to her heart.

Recently, life threw her one of those unexpected and unwanted curveballs. Confronting the heart-wrenching news of a loved one’s serious illness, Cindy realised the preciousness of time, knowing that life is too short to be left wondering. She presents her first published work: her debut Children’s book series.

Henry and the Blue Bone – Book 1 – Forever Home, with five more enchanting books on the horizon

Inspired by her love for animals, especially her dog Henry, and her fascination with the ocean, Cindy crafts enchanting stories that take children and their parents on a heart-warming and magical journey.