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Marine Phytoplankton Reviews

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Marine Phytoplankton Australia
Average rating:  
 29 reviews
byTim Norris onMarine Phytoplankton Australia
4 Paws Plus

As a busy Physio/Acupuncturist that specialises in Senior Dog & Arthritis care, I'm keen to recommend good products to my clients.
4 Paws Plus has made a tangible difference to many of the dogs quality of life I work with.

byMonique Peters onMarine Phytoplankton Australia
Amazing Service

Having only ordered the day before yesterday, I was so happily surprised to have received MyPlankton today and am very grateful. Can't wait to see what this will do for my memory!
Thank you for getting it out to me before Christmas.

byNiki onMarine Phytoplankton Australia
Wonderful product

We have just finished our second bottle of 4 paws Plus and we have found our 10 year old Kelpie cross has benefited greatly, her eyes are clearer and shiny and she is full of energy, I love that it gives her an Omega 3 supplement that is uncontaminated! Thanks for a great product, I am just about to order the Panasea for myself!

bykatja de bradley onMarine Phytoplankton Australia
Great for Dogs

Both our labrador (4) and golden retriever (2) have benefited from 3x weekly My Plankton 4 Paws. They appear calmer and their coat is super soft and shiny. Highly recommend for pet nutrition and health.

bykatja de bradley onMarine Phytoplankton Australia
Amazing Health Benefits

My family has used both the pure phytoplankton (mornings) and panasea (evening). We all feel more energized, balanced and calm. Our son (21) has deeper nights sleep and his mood has lifted. My husband (76) manages nightshifts without the jetlag effect afterwards. My mother (79) feels some pain relief and is generally more content with life. I (52) have a calmer approach to work stress and generally have more energy. Both products are 'keepers' and we will order again. Highly recommend.

bySue Burton onMarine Phytoplankton Australia
4 Paws+ Plankton

I have now been using this product for a couple of years. The only supplement I give to my almost 12yo greyhound and 6.5yo Labrador. A fabulous bioavailable and sustainable source of omega 3. Love that it also includes astaxanthin which is a fantastic antioxidant. It is easy to mix in their food and they are both happy, healthy and energetic.

byRod onMarine Phytoplankton Australia
Highly recommend

Love the Panasea and Pure products!! I feel healthier and more energetic!

Cindy provides fantastic customer service who cares about her customers, accommodating and excellent attention to detail 🙂

byMarta onMarine Phytoplankton Australia
I can feel my body more energetic

I just started to take Pure Marine Phytoplankton, I’m stopping my usual supplements daily, I can feel my body more energetic and less painful on my knees. I’m taking my second bottle I will see how my body responds.

byMAXINE LINTON onMarine Phytoplankton Australia

Hi, I now have my fourth GSD male and I have started just finished his last bottle of the Plankton, I only give my dogs the best high grade supplements but I am thrilled that I have found your product as it is so superior to anything else I am giving him and they are really good high quality products, just so complete with everything that you would want your dog to have to give him the healthiest and longest life,

Thanks so much for all your hard working in providing such a fabulous product.

Warm Regards,

Maxine and Tango (my just two year old GSD BOY) XXX

byTammy onMarine Phytoplankton Australia
Superior option to fish oil!

My dog has been taking MyPlankton for a year now and it has proven a wonderful substitute for fish oil tablets. After researching fish oil I discovered that it wasn't a good option for my furbaby given the length of time it sits on shelves and due to unsustainable fishing methods - you literally don't know what your dog is taking! MyPlankton is pure, I know what's in it, it is fresh, sustainably produced and kind to both my pup and the environment. I use it in combination with other products to keep my 11 year old pup mobile and with a healthy microbiome. Definately recommend this for a variety of reasons.

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