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Marine Phytoplankton Reviews

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Marine Phytoplankton Australia
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 18 reviews
by Neil Dalton on Marine Phytoplankton Australia

This is my second review for this product. The first review concentrated on how fair the company had been with me. My first order was severely delayed and they were very fair with me. Now, I have been using the product for about three months and have just received my second order. I find this product to be a much better alternative to Omega oil. My dog doesn't need his liver being stressed any more than it is processing normal food and this product is perfect.

by Don on Marine Phytoplankton Australia
Great product

We purchased the marine phytoplankton for our dog, to supplement her raw food diet. Previously we purchased same from our raw food supplier, this is better value online.
I like that Cindy gives a personal touch and provides loads of information about the marine phytoplankton product and benefits. Thank you.

by Eoin Scannell on Marine Phytoplankton Australia
AMAZING - MyPlankton 4 Paws

After my dog Benson was diagnosed with IVDD, I researched plankton and how benefical it was for dogs. I ordered this product immediately and started Benson on a 3 times weekly dosage.
His health and doggy coat has improved and just about to order more of this amazing product!

by Rebecca Hartley - Victoria on Marine Phytoplankton Australia
Love these products!

I just wanted to say how much I love these products.  I have been giving my 2 dogs 4 paws plus for 10 weeks now and I can really see the improvement in their overall health. The older one does not have as much pain and is moving around better, the younger one is eating better and sleeping better. I am trying the Pristine now on their skin and coat, it smells lovely. My husband and I are taking Panasea and we love it, we feel energized and it certainly has helped my reflux problem that I have had for years.  My husband says he has much more energy. Thank you for the great service and getting our orders to us so quickly!

by Victor Daicos on Marine Phytoplankton Australia
Panasea & Pure

I have been taking Panasea on & off for a few years now & every time I get back on it I kick myself for going off it - so hopefully this time I'll keep on it !
It's a wonderful feeling when drinking Panasea - the taste is like nectar from the sea -
I almost feel guilty having it cause it taste so good. The formulation is spot on Cindy. It does help this aging body of mine - I'm 68 nowadays & my Mother who died recently was 93 & was also having it. I've also had the Pure Marine Phytoplankton which needs to be mixed with juice otherwise it tastes like a strong dose of the sea ! Til next time ---

by Sharon Fancourt on Marine Phytoplankton Australia
Excellent Product

I had been researching the benefits of phytoplankton and came across this Aussie company.
My husband is a chronic disease patient so we had our doctor look into the product to see if he could try it and we agreed the pure plankton would be best for him. He has a marked improvement in his overall wellbeing and appetite. A great thing because he had been losing weight.
I have been taking the Panasea. With all the nutrients it contains I have been able to stop all the different supplements I was taking. I have even noticed an improvement in my skin.
I have also been giving 4paws+ to my dog. Being a raw feeder I have always been concerned about her getting all the nutrition she needs to thrive. Like myself I have been able to cut back on all the different supplements I was giving her. I have seen a marked improvement in her vitality and happiness.
This is an excellent product!

by Lorrayne on Marine Phytoplankton Australia
MyPlankton 4 Paws

Great product and has help my Lab with his fitting and he also has more energy.
I would confirm its certainly helped my dog.

by Neil Dalton on Marine Phytoplankton Australia
Great service!

I had been looking for a new health product to replace Omega 3 oil for my dog. I came across Marine Phytoplankton. I placed an order. But unfortunately the Corona virus hit and air travel from Australia was severely affected. Nobody could have foreseen the effect Corona would have had. The parcel has been cleared for departure for the last 4-5 weeks at Brisbane airport. It will no doubt find its way to me sometime! But what I want to do is commend Cindy at MyPlankton for being so helpful. She did her best to update me on the Australian Corona virus situation and the effect on the package delivery. After I had waited for 4 weeks she gave me a full refund, which I received today. She did this knowing I would more than likely receive the product. If you do business with MyPlankton, you can rest assure you will be treated more than fair and professionally.

Thank you Neil, we trust that our International Express Services will be back to normal delivery times soon!16/06/2020 We are happy to inform that Neil's order was delivered to his door in South Korea (woo hoo!)

by Maureen S. on Marine Phytoplankton Australia
Feeling Good!

My daughter introduced me to PanaSea Marine Phytoplankton 10 months ago and I haven't stopped taking it since. I am feeling so good. Very happy with PanaSea.

by Kerry Hudson on Marine Phytoplankton Australia

I started buying pure marine phytoplankton about 4 months ago, I find it has helped my sleeping/insomnia beyond belief. I am sleeping so much better, I used to struggle to get a good sleep. I have started using panasea too and my family as well. it has really helped with more energy and a reflux problem my partner had. Thanks for the great service my orders always arrive quickly.

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