marine phytoplankton

PURE Marine Phytoplankton

🐋🍃 PURE Marine Phytoplankton 🐋🍃 Due to popular demand we introduce PURE Marine Phytoplankton 🍃Nature’s superfood – nutrient rich marine phytoplankton🐋 organically grown right here in Australia. It is an edible soft wall nutrient-dense marine microalgae that is 100% pure.🍃🐋 PURE Marine Phytoplankton promotes and maintains optimum health by boosting and supporting all systems within the body.  The...

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PanaSea Marine Phytoplankton!

PanaSea Marine Phytoplankton with a unique blend of antioxidants! PanaSea Marine Phytoplankton combines our oceans best marine phytoplankton and freshwater algae with powerful plant, berries, herbs and spices! Read more in detail about our unique base of high-quality ingredients. PanaSea is a marine phytoplankton ‘SUPERfood’ embracing all that is essential and great from Mother Nature. PanaSea™...

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Plankton for Pets – Its Here!

Plankton for Pets Introducing – ‘MyPlankton™ 4 Paws Plus+’  marine phytoplankton for animals MyPlankton Australia is very pleased to announce the launch of our new Plankton for Pets – phytoplankton wholefood product designed specifically for our beloved pets. After many requests from our loyal customers for a Phytoplankton product for dogs, cats and most other animals we...

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